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Jun 6, 2016
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Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
I am fairly certain almost every government run program has been a failure in some way or another. They usually all start with a good idea and good intentions but all fail in the long run.
a piece of a conversation i had today

her, if by taking your guns away , it will save the life of just 1 child from being shot in a movie theater
i am all for them taking your guns away.

me, what if we make the movie threater and schools non gun free zones, so that the kids can be protected ?

her, that would not work, 1 child might be killed before the person with a gun could do anything.

me, so, you want to take away the ability of 300 million people to defend them selves against an attacker
because a terrorist MIGHT shoot a kid in a theater

her thats not what i said.

me, cause and effect, maybe you need to think about what you said

her, we need to protect the children

me, i want to protect the children and the adults

her, your trying to twist this around like all bigoted republicans

me, who said anything about black people

her, see you hate blacks and gays

me...i gotta go

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