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Jun 7, 2016
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North East GA Mountains
More gun porn..... Gen 3 Glock 20, my back up during hunting season.
Blah. I have one but dont care for it. Glock 19. I had to have a bunch of work done to make it feel LESS like a glock. But, it works, and always will work, which is why i own it....

it is squirt gun, i see it is wet, you must have just loaded it
I have a couple Glocks, not a huge fan of them. For a plastic gun I like the XD much better.
I'm the opposite, like the XD even less. Owned an XD45
I have the XD9, it fits my hand good and I like the angle of the grip.
I have the XD9, it fits my hand good and I like the angle of the grip.
That is what is important. You like the feel, have confidence in it, carry it! I prefer the fit of my 1911's but I'm carrying my Glock. :D The wife carries her G-43 or G-26 depending on what she wears. She uses her G-17 for GSSF and IDPA, and uses her G-19 for teaching her women's classes. Yes, I'm lucky to have a wife that is a certified pistol instructor.
I'm a 1911 guy too, which is why i had the stupid hump and finger grooves removed on the glock. I instantly shot it better when I got it back from having the grip/frame mods done.
I want a 1911. It is on the list for someday.
One to start with? I do the same with hookers and blow, one to start with.
My situation is, when I go to the Gun Shop, Since I am getting one, GaGal has to get one too. Don't think I can try that with the Hookers..... :)
Probably not. I used to have to buy a gun every time I went in, now I try and avoid CA guns. To much Government involved.
I keep a 23c for my home protection with a TRL light.. I like it but when I'm out and about on the property or horse it my S&W 686 on my hip..
I keep a TLR-3 on my G19 when its on nightstand duty, which isnt that often.

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