EDC, what's your flavor?

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Jun 7, 2016
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North East GA Mountains
So, for EDC I carry the Gen 3 Glock 27 in an IWB Looper Law Capone series holster.
I live in CA, I can carry a gun free zone card.
Holy shit, I'm still in shock over that. Who interprets for California's federal court system?
I dont live in California. I carry an AK on the seat next to me

covered discreetly with a blue towel, We have a problem with big rats

sasha    tasha 003.JPG
These days Sig P238 in a super low riding desantis "pop up" because complete concealability is a concern. I dont care for .380, but a .380 in my hand is alot more useful than a .45 that i left at home.

Most weekends and evenings I carry a Sig Scorpion 1911 in custom leather by a fellow who is no longer in the business.
see anything you like?
I want that long slide 1911 bottom center
Toys 6.JPG
A Ruger SR40c in an Alien Gear IWB holster or a belly band holster......only because belts hurt my big gut after awhile.:rolleyes:
try a amt backup in 45 acp, fits the back pocket, i hate holsters, i am calorie challenged

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