Do you like to watch pursuits on TV?

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Jun 6, 2016
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Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
I am currently watching another live pursuit on TV. I get mesmerized and won't change the channel until they crash or get caught. What I really hope for is to see them idiots crash and burn, without anyone else getting hurt. Are you like this as well?
They swung into a parking lot. One went north, one went east, and one went west. Now they went to jail. Asshole shitheads!soapboxNo NoPo Pofinger
They don't show the ones where they get away because it usually happens in the first minute or so.

We need more where the guy is dressed like a clown or mime or something.
When I get old and don't need my license any more, i want to go on a low speed chase driving a semi. Then laugh at them if they try to pit maneuver me.
But best is wait till they tailgate and then slam on the brakes.
I always thought that if chased the driver needs to hit the brakes and take out the front of the cop car.
Or if they swerve and go past you then pit them.
Come on man if you get chased at least have some fun with it.
Just always carry a dozen donuts with you...

If you get chased, toss them out the window and go on your merry way, you'll never see the cops again!

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