DIY Hardtop Moving

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Jun 6, 2016
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I have a parts Jeep I needed to move and a hardtop I never used so did a little DIY hardtop moving with my skidsteer.


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I have a skid steer too, maybe I should start doing it that way?

I think your parts jeep is nicer than my YJ.
Don't you feel superior to all those who don't have a skidsteer? They are fun toys.

I thought about turning my white Jeep into more of a street Jeep but that plan fell off and I've been slowly stripping it.
I have a backhoe too, and a skip loader, an excavator, dump truck and a bunch of other toys. Makes me feel more like a man!

Until I have to fuel and service them.
I had to Google skip loader, now I'm feeling less awesome.
Go buy one, Make all your dirt roads as flat as asphalt
Those can do some damage!
I LOVE our skidsteer!!! Such a fun toy!!! I like playing on it more than the Backhoe or Crawler... But that crawler will pull the house over!!! Lol...


While building my fathers place 2 years ago I kept breaking beads. Need to foam fill those tires. Lots of shale in his property.. Kept turning into rucks in the mud and busting the Bead...

We had to dig a 1500' ditch for power service, some went through wooded area so we were pushing trees over.. My buddy stopped up and felt jealous so I let him try.. Yup, he high centered the crawler on the first tree. I had to get my father to pull the tree out with the B backhoe as I blocked up the blade and used down pressure to lift myself off of it... He's not allowed on the crawler anymore.. Lol...

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Tractors are cool toys. I spent 10 hours on an asphalt roller today. Then I came home and spent four hours between my skidsteer and my backhoe reworking my road.

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