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The Almighty
Jun 11, 2016
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I have been wanting a derringer for years. I know they are not practical but I still want one. Do any of you guys own one? If so, what do you think?
Rusty, if it's something you want, if you have the cash, buy one. I've always been curious about the Bond derrigner. A bunch of changeable barrels and they're not that expensive.

"Bond Arms | Home Page" Bond Arms | Home Page
I have a bond arms and it's pretty neat.
Never had a "two shooter", but have 4-5 Beretta, Raven, Charter Arms, and Aces (?) Saturday night specials, which are just as small, and shoot .22 or .25 cal.

Hey, at our age, if you want it, then get it!
I have an old RS 22 revolver, a Saturday night special. You could hit the side of a barn with it, if you were in the barn.
What caliber, I always thought the 45acp that can also shoot a 410 might be a cool addition.
Mine is a .410/.44 long colt. I got it for the 410 as a snake pistol to keep in the truck.

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