Decent inexpensive red dot?

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Jun 7, 2016
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Reno, NV
Hayyyyyyyyyy everybody.

So, I have a Winchester 94AE, in .357. Little bitty carbine, 16" bbl, 9 shots of .357 or 10 of .38spl. Awesome little lever gun.

Currently wearing XS ghost ring sights. Quick and dirty shot placement. Dirty as in I ain't gonna get any award winning groups but the sight picture is huge and fast.

Considering a small optic to make it even quicker and handier. Scout scopes dont work for me because im cross dominant, but was thinking about a micro reflex sight or a small red dot. Think Burris Fastfire, or like an aimpoint micro....only not that expensive.

Anybody have any experience with some of the less expensive red dots or reflex sights? Burris? Primary Arms? would like to keep it around $100 if possible.
I like a simmons for a decent little inexpensive scope

seems to me though, with your experience it might not be the scope so much, have you checked the barrel for excess lead?

had a mosin that was a turd , till I cleaned out the lead build up, could not really see it but i got it out with some special sauce I have

if you need some, be happy to send you some
The fact that it is quick and dirty is due to the huge rear aperture on the ghost ring. I'm not concerned with the accuracy of the rifle, because in the words of Jeff Cooper....if it were half as accurate as it is, it would still be twice as accurate as it need be"

In regards to removing lead, i use a big45 pad, works wonders.
we have some new stuff out, Brownells is taking a look at it, fin gers crossed they order 10 k units
So I'm pretty sure this rifle has a crooked barrel. As in its not square to the reciever. The thing shoots great with the stock sights. Everything on the sights centers real nice.

After installing the ghost ring sights I have the front post mostly centered, and in order to get a zero I have the rear sight (mounted on the reciever) maxed out to the right and it's still shooting 4" or 5" to the left at 50 yards.

Factory sights are nothin the barrel so I assume that's why everything lines up. Install the aftermarket reciever sight and bam everything is thrown out of whack.

It doesn't effect how the gun shoots or groups out it pisses me off.
have you tried a weaver windage adjustment scope rings ? would that help you ?

i think they are called grand slam or quad locks

I had a bubbafied k98 that bubba had the rear tapped holes off, the weaver fixed it.
Do you have a weaver base on it?? If so,I have a Sight Mark Reflex sight that has a quick connect system that might work for $30.
No base on it at all right now.

I was using a receiver mounted rear aperture sight and this is the same issue i ran into before. couldn't get it zeroed. Whatever. I'll just stick with the buckhorns or get a skinner barrel mounted aperture.

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