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Mar 22, 2017
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Hello new guy here, I wanted to ask fellow liberty owners for some input. The wife has a 2007 liberty sport 4x4 with 89000 miles on it. We have had this jeep since new. About 3 weeks ago we had all 4 tires replaced and about a week later the wife said it was pulling to the left so I took it in to get an alignment. The alignment shop said it only took a little toe out correction on right front to bring every thing in. On way home I noticed that while at highway speeds you could get the jeep to track left or right like there was no self centering present. When I got home and started inspecting I felt like the lower ball joints could be suspect so I made the decision to change them out and the uppers as well. I also checked tire pressures and rotated the tires front to back. I took the jeep back to the alignment shop and talked with owner he had a more experienced tech put it on the rack with me assisting/overseeing he listened to my concerns and I verified all overall numbers where with in spec. I suspected the castor was out and it was a little on the right. Every item I replaced was torqued to spec, no impacts were used. Upper A arms were torqued with vehicle in the level weighted. So this all to say the jeep is still super sensitive at highway speeds like a complete lane change with a 1/2 to 1" steering wheel deflection. The steering still doesn't want to self center although better than it was. The only item I can think now is the steering rack, like the valving is shot. Have you guys/gals have any ideas?
If it was fine AFTER the tires but darty after alignment I would be leaning towards something being off on the alignment shop.
Barrie, he took for Alignment after it started with this problem.

I am not familiar with how the Liberty is set up. Have you jacked it up and checked for play in all the steering links? You say it has a rack, is there any drag links or tie rod ends? Maybe rotate the tires back and see if it changes anything, could have a tire going bad and doing something funny?
My long original post summarized, in chronological order. 4 new tires, noticed tracking/pulling, alignment, no fix, tire pressures checked and rotated front to rear, no fix, r/r upper and lower ball joints inspected tie rods torque wrench put on all suspension components, alignment #2, no fix. I appreciate the input, just been kinda of frustrating dealing with this vehicle I don't want to keep shot gunning parts but other than the rack and pinion assy. and the tierod ends the front has been gone thru. The libertys do have a single rear upper control arm I don't know how much of an impact it would have on what Im experiencing but maybe it is
I ask because I bought a set of Kuhmo for my truck and they were horrible, they tracked and pulled and just sacked. Replaced everything under the front of the truck and it got better but not fixed. Bought new tires after fighting with it for a couple years and it was perfect again. Turned out to be the tires.
cooper discoverer h/t , have had good luck out of coopers on cars in past, first time putting them on the jeep.

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