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Jun 7, 2016
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Reno, NV
Needed some new leather for my little Sig P238. Normally I carry it in a rig that is strictly utilitarian, but since its such a good lookin' little weapon I decided for days when I can get away with a slightly larger rig I'd have something nice put together for it.

Made by Ric of Desert Wave Leather (search desertwaveleather on etsy or Desert Wave Leather on facebook).Same fella who made my shoulder holster and belt rig for my wedding 1911.

Anyway, 2 tone Sig P238 with Hogue G-Mascus gray grips. The holster is an avenger style with leather and shark skin with gray stitching. As you cans ee it has a full sweat guard. Came out absolutely beautiful!

sweat, i like the design, ..funky grips, reminds me of a snake hide

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