Cause has entered the house

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Jun 8, 2016
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I think most here know who/what I am.
Toyz is what I'm about.
Been real busy lately, too damn busy. All in a matter of two weeks of each other, sold a house in Milford OH, sold a house in Buckeye AZ, added a Ford truck to tow toys with, Bought a House/ranch up near Sedona AZ, acerage, 4BR, "Santa Fe" style, house has a large two car garage attached and a very nice matching detached garage/shop. So we have about 2,220 sq ft of garage... for the Toyz
Yeah, there are a lot of toyz and I also picked up Scout along the way.
We are also going to buy a Giraffe.
.....and I can hardly wait to get our giraffe !!! :D
I hear they are hard to house train but good at changing lightbulbs?
they can be trained, but only if you feed them Lucky Charms
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Cause is in the house, and he is looking around confused wondering why he came into the house.

Poor, old people, gotta love em.

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