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I really miss this girl... Both of those vehicles actually... Parted out race car and gave Jeep to Mother In Law. Some trash woman and her kids were staying with her (she really tries to help those in need) and that trash lady stole it one night and wrapped it around a tree.. Cop said: "since she lived in your house and had access to your keys we can't arrest her for theft.." Umm ok? So never mind she had no permission, wasn't on insurance, took keys out of purse at 2am and took off in it...
Anyone ever have a Lot of learning experiences building a build?
I had a lot with my last race car.. Lol..

First, 2.0l stock bottom end coupled with a GT35r turbo pushing 25psi at high speed racing a Bmw M5.. I won but it was an expensive win. This is why you get ProTunes kids!! Off the shelf maps aren't perfect!!


Then I broke this. Twice..

Always Preload your gear prior to a launch, especially with the grip of an AWD vehicle...
After my DogBox gear set was installed I broke a shift fork.... Had to have had a flaw in it. Transmission builder even said "I've never seen one of these break".. Only force applied to it is force I apply to shifter..

The last thing I broke. Well, in my defense, in 2007 Subaru cheapened up the Cylindar Liners so I blame them for this.. Lol..

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