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Jun 8, 2016
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Where is he? Hiding in his sound proof ceiling?
He is bOB. He is around. We text daily. Mostly it's him talking shit and being mean to me. He has good days and bad days. I blame the herpes medicine.
I told him not to swallow. I thought that was he, but without the aka it was hard to tell for sure. I guess the infection rotted off parts.
Does he still fag it up with his rubme..err rugby friends?
Well, he did last year when he tried to get me to "meat" up with them. That would have been a 10 way I am NOT interested in. But now he mostly drinks and is mean as fuck. Although, he did call me ones when I was faking suicide. So I guess he's nice, but also a dick, you know?
I can see him being a dick that way. Glad you didn't unfake getting dead.

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