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Jun 8, 2016
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I'll upload a pic of the J10 later. New to this forum thing. First one I've joined.
Thanks guys! Already can tell I made a good choice on the forum. Here's the 79 Jeep J10. It's been in the family for awhile now. Bone stock 360 motor 4x4 4 speed. It started out as my grandpa's Sunday driver and hunting truck and shortly before he passed he sold it to my uncle. On the morning of my 18th birthday my uncle pulls up with it on the trailer and hands me the keys. I'm in the process of restoring it in my pawpaws glory. I know its gonna kill some guys knowing this truck will never see the mud or trails (okay it might see some trails). But I want to do it for him. He loved this truck and so do I. Since these pics I've coated the frame and put a new fuel pump on to get it running.


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That is awesome. Keep it and give it your kids.
Well let's see, I've already got questions. Brakes work but have no boost. Emergency brake cable is trash. So I guess I'd ask what would could be wrong with brakes and would it be worth doing a 4 wheel disc brake conversion and what would be involved with that?
no reason to do 4 wheel discs unless you are gonna get massive on the tires or if you are insane about your brakes.

you'd need all the brake parts, a new MC, new proportioning valve, new rear lines most likely.

If you have no boost....i'd check your booster. Is the vac line hooked up? check valve good? If the diaphragm inside the booster is gone you'd have a vacuum leak and the vehicle wouldnt run well. When that happened to me I still had boost but it cause it to idle poorly only when I was on the brakes.
There is so many different broke wires and hoses I don't know where they go. Tried finding diagrams to no avail. I've found some but none match mine. I plan to re wire it so I'm not worried about that but I would like to know where there is and isn't vacuum lines, I'll replace them one by one as I figure out where they go.
pretty damn close.

for the record pretty much everything mechanical on any FSJ is the same or similar.
pretty damn close.

for the record pretty much everything mechanical on any FSJ is the same or similar.
Thanks for the help! I just needed reassurance that what I found and was going by was correct. Loving this forum thing!

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