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Jun 7, 2016
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North East GA Mountains
Since we started talking about 1911's.....

Sig Sauer.jpg
Lmao I was about to start this same thread.

I have one for show....case hardened frame and giraffe bone grips...custom leather.


and one for go

Marn, we have too much in common.......
Great minds think alike.

The desert eagle 1911c with the case hardening and giraffe grips and the rig you see was what I wore at my wedding. Forever known as the wedding gun. I don't shoot it often and Its Mostly a Sunday go to meeting gun or bbq gun but it's well built and shoots really nice. I would definitely buy another desert eagle 1911 (more utilitarian less fancy) if the need for another 1911 arose.
I bought my first one today, figured while I was breaking the bank on a new rifle might as well toss in a 1911 to make sure I was broke.
I don't know anything about them so hopefully it is a good one.
I got a bunch of them, I am not knocking them. I think when it is hot this weekend I will catalog my gun collection again and get fresh pictures. I made a really cool excel program years ago that keeps track of them by make model serial number, attachments and photos. It's the only way insurance would ever pay for them if they end up burnt or missing.
Anyone know what will be a good holster for while hunting? Easy access but not in the way. Preferably no snaps yet won't fall out.
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I've purchased 5 Blackhawk Serpa concealment holsters in the last few weeks. I love the way the guns really lock in, and being plastic, they can really take the abuse. A few have index finger releases, so the gun is locked until you push the release button. Best of all they are <$30!
Are they easy access for when hunting?

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