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Jun 7, 2016
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I wonder if its the lower switch hanging up


Sep 12, 2022
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Im an excavation contractor and i have had two pieces of equipment that the computer has engaged my starter randomly and killed the starters, one was a sensor and the other i never figured out but after killing a few starters i put a push button switch i have to hold down while turning the key to start it. Makes me really not like technology.

Let me know if the sensor fixes it.
Ok, after changing the timing chain, ( had 1 inch of play ) new oil pump, water pump, valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, cam sensor all needed to be done since I was working on it. Put it all back together and my starter still stays on when I turn the key, turn the key back a tiny bit and then it starts, runs better than I can remember. so the last thing I did was replace the crankshaft sensor, went to start it and the starter behaved normally and started right up. Drove around for about five miles ran great. parked back in the garage turned it off, a few minutes later started it up again and the same starter symptom came back. Next day, tried to start again, same thing. Unplugged the crankshaft sensor, removed sensor ( checked for damage on the face, nothing there ) checked the wiring harness and there was a little gunk on one of the three female ends, cleaned that out with cleaner, plugged it all in again and it started right up like before and ran great.
Same damn thing happened again, drove around for about five miles, got it nice and hot, pulled in the garage, turned it off, waited awhile and the symptom came back. I'm thinking the wiring harness connection is getting hot and disconnecting. What do you think.
Thanks , Bob

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