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Jun 11, 2016
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From his father

5/9/2009-9/3/2021: Christian James Heady passed at 3:15AM. I was laying in bed next to him holding his hand as he suddenly took his last couple of breaths. This kid fought for 15 months with stage 4 DSRCT Sarcoma cancer. 20 rounds of chemo, 11 surgeries and 10 round of radiation. I am so proud of you son! You have inspired and changed so many lives. In fact, you were so good at it you get to go home after 12 short years. You are cancer free! Please give me sign after sign as I have to wait to see you again. It was an honor, to be your father! I will see you again, just not yet! I love you Christian James! Thank you everyone for everything you have done to support this kid. He was such an old soul! I know that he is in a place that he is very comfortable with now.

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