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I LOVE taking photos. The best invention ever was to put cameras in cellphones because it's always with you. I select my phone for its camera and the Pixel phones probably have the best ones. Mine is the Pixel 8 Pro.
And the bad side of technology is none of us print photos anymore.
I have a Aura digital frame that I put all my best photos on. It's easy, no flash drive, it's all wifi and cloud based. I put them on right from my phone. I've also made a few photo books.

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Real cameras are nice, but I refuse to lug that tank anywhere. I'd rather take a cell phone camera pic, that to worry about the real camera being carried in a bag or on my neck. Lots of pics were copied after my dad died. He had 4 huge crates of pics, slides and movies, and I simply placed the slides on a light box, stood over the photo, and snapped a pic with my phone, then cropped the edges cleaner.
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My son sent me this photo he took from his balcony in DC 😍

I'd love to see it myself. My son and his gf have a great view of it from their balcony.

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