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Henry Ford built a car out of hemp plastic that ran on hemp fuel almost a century ago.

Ford's 1941 bioplastic Model T was made of hemp, flax, wheat, and spruce pulp, which made the car lighter than fiberglass and ten times tougher than steel, wrote the New York Times on February 2, 1941. The car ran on ethanol made from hemp or other agricultural waste.

Evening walk....
Actually I walk fast enough that they trot in front of me just about the whole way, except when they stop to sniff stuff. They're so cute trotting along all proud of themselves 😆 It feels like I'm driving a team of horses. It's good exercise for me and it wears them out.
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Roadrunner... The Coyote is after you!


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A momma quail brought her babies to my feeder. Not that great of a photo since I took it thru the window, but they were so cute!


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