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as good as I can remember....Memorial Day is not about honoring and remembering criminal drug addict porn stars

...but then with this never know

because they sure as hell don't

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Remember George Floyd over Memorial Day Weekend: ‘Should Be Alive’

"President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris issued statements over Memorial Day weekend on the death of George Floyd, stating that he “should be alive.”

“George Floyd should be alive. He deserved so much more,” Biden wrote in a post on X. “Today, I join all those who loved him and all those touched by the civil rights movement he inspired in remembering the tragedy and injustice of his death. He changed the world. Now, let’s act in his memory.”

"Vice President Kamala Harris
As we mark four years since he was murdered, I am thinking of his daughter Gianna, his family, and the all those who love and miss him"
I planted a tree this morning for Memorial Day. It's a Tonto Crepe Myrtle.

It's beautiful here. Sunny and 72 with a light breeze. Have all the doors open. Allergies are kicking my butt or I'd be out doing something.
It was nice and cool this morning, now it's 89 and sunny with a light breeze.
Still beautiful here. Sun is shining slight breeze and 70. Couldn't ask for a better day.
So I've decided to go back and put an offer on our local country store and gas station that we were in escrow on a couple years ago. If I get it I will quit doing excavation and rent out my small equipment. I'm tired of being gone all over the state all week then trying to catch up on the weekend.

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