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I got up at 7am. Well, I'm letting this new-fangled Sleep Number bed tell me how I slept. So far, in 2 nights, I got an 86 and an 87 score, which is pretty good. I''m sure it has nothing to do Chris describes it as, "like a Hebrew Slave" working around the house.

I spent 3 hours inserting insulating panels on the inside of my garage door, then built a redwood pressure treated shower wall yesterday for my new outdoor shower. it will be 3' x 5' when I'm done. I have to get the valve mounted, lines soldered, add durock, Redgard, then tile. Then make the slatted floor, and finally box it in for privacy.

And sitting in the kitchen is a new reverse osmosis unit. I have to rip out the old one, reinstall the new one, and I purchased 6 years of filters so I can easily change them out.
Put new tags on my van. Started the Chrysler and let it run for awhile. Took the cardboard, to be recycled, and put it in my van. Still waiting for the guy I hired to mow. If he doesn't show, will have to do it myself tomorrow no matter how I feel.
He came, family friend. Mowed and weed-eated for $35
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Evening, I worked like a hebrew slave today. Poured these to islands. Get to go back monday and pave where we removed roots that were lifting the asphalt.
I'm Mr mom today. Wife is in California for a funeral so I get to take the kids for dance pictures. This is gonna take half the day.

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