last person to post wins!

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Another day of cleaning up after other subs that leave all their trash on our concrete prep
He should be dead by now. Was scheduled for 10am unless biden stepped in
Have you seen the Left's latest idea? They would just make it illegal to repair cars over 15 years old.
Thats legal here but tgey dont have a range
Just duct tape his mouth an nose shut.

A plastic bag over his head.

Cut his throat.

Grab his throat.

Hell, just take him out and throw him in a hole, cover him with dirt.

Smash his head with a 2# mawl.

Drive a wooden stake thru his heart.

Throw him in a cell and dont feed or give him water for a month or two.

Low Cost !
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biden at the border. Tell him there is an ice cream cone on the other side of the fence. Just walk south and it is waiting!

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