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  1. krazedav

    Krazedav's Red 92 YJ

    My Dwarf behind my cousins Rubicon at an old mine. I got this with stock suspension and a 3" body lift sitting on 31 x 10.5 BFG's At the Colorado River with my '75 Roll-a-long RV installed a 2" spring lift. Swapped out the axles with a set that had Detroit Lockers and 4.56 gears. new...
  2. krazedav

    New member introduction from San Diego area

    Friend of mine mentioned this forum so here I am. I am a Long time contributor to plumbingforums because that’s what I know. I have some limited knowledge about YJ Wranglers only because I have one and turned a wrench or two on it. I have: 92 YJ red w/black hardtop Dana turdty5 in the rear w/...